Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Egg Tree

As previously advertised, we watched Jurassic Park again last night. It's a very silly movie, and also oddly paced: very little happens for the first hour, and then it's all-scary-dinosaurs-all-the-time. Also, we didn't see as much Kaua'i scenery as we'd hoped, although of course the waterfall was very pretty.

But remember the scene when Alan finds the dinosaur eggs between the roots of a tree? As we watched it, Gary suddenly said, "Hey! That's at the botanical gardens! We were there! That might even be the tree where you took my picture!" (See my Kaua'i Kitty post for the shot of Gary.)

And then I remembered the tour guide telling us that the scene had been shot there, although he wasn't sure which tree it was.

Well, cool. Although I'm sure Kaua'i Kitty's delighted not to have to dodge dinosaurs.


  1. You sound like my pal, Evil Sister...who while watching To Catch a Thief recognized a certain turn in the road where that lovely little Sunbeam was traveling and announced hey, that's not Monaco, that's Italy...and began to describe the next scenery that would come up...sure enough...now I have to go find the Kitty picture

  2. LOL I see Sandi beat me to commenting here. :)

    Susan, I have a copy of Jurassic Park. I think I'll watch it Sunday night to see where the tree is in it. Is it early in the film?


  3. Thanks for the comments, Sandi and Lee!

    Lee: No, that scene's in the second half of the movie, when the character played by Sam Neill discovers dinosaur eggs (thereby disproving the park's claim that the animals can't breed because they're all female). It's easily recognizable!


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