Monday, April 14, 2008

The WisCon Fiber Guild

WisCon always begins with The Gathering, a bunch of activities -- clothing swaps, hair braiding, button-making -- held in a large room where people can meet and mingle. I've never suggested an activity before, but this year I did, and it was accepted. Here's the description:
In Patricia McKillip's novel Solstice Wood, a group of women gather with knitting, crocheting and sewing: their crafting creates magical barriers against dangerous invasions from Faerie. This year at WisCon, let's initiate our own Fiber Guild! Come to the Gathering with your yarn, needles, thread, scissors, and beads. Sit with other women -- and men! -- who are creating beautiful objects; talk about how our crafting functions as magic against Oppressive Politics, Formula Fiction, and Inferior Chocolate. Have we healed ourselves with craft? Can we help heal the world? Discuss!
I hope lots of people come. It should be fun!

I'll be doing more intellectual and academic stuff at WisCon, too, but I haven't gotten my full schedule yet, so I don't know which panels I'm on.


  1. I loved the Fiber Guild in Solstice Wood! I wanted to run away and join it.

    We're going to WisCon this year but will be getting in too late for the Gathering. Sigh. You can't have everything, and at least this year WisCon isn't on Ascension or Pentecost so I can escape from church.

  2. I remember you saying that, Berni; it was one of the things that inspired me!

    I'm so glad you and David will be at WisCon! It will be great to see you!


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