Friday, April 25, 2008

Okay, That One Was Scary

We just had another quake, bigger than the others we've had -- the whole house shook for ten or twenty seconds -- although I don't know magnitude because nobody's reported on it yet. A fair amount of crashing in the house, and what sounded like glass breaking, but we can't find any actual damage, just some stuff knocked over.

One of the crosses hanging on my study wall was still swinging back and forth several minutes later.

There were two, I think, small aftershocks afterwards.

We're more rattled emotionally than physically. The fact that these have been getting bigger is somewhat alarming. And of course, there's no way to predict if/when another one will hit.

We've put extra water in the fridge, and I've put the most valuable of the breakables in my study on the couch, cushioned by pillows.

I said to Gary, "I'm starting to rethink the wisdom of living in a two-story house," and he said, "I'm starting to rethink the wisdom of living in Nevada."

Okay, here's the story. The initial estimate is that it was a 4.9, followed by a 3.0 a few minutes later. But I know I felt two aftershocks.

I'll be interested to see if that estimate changes; the intensities of several of these recent quakes have been revised upwards.


  1. Is there a tiny room in the very center of your house that you can hide in should a prolonged one happen? I had a tiny half bath that I always decided would be my hiding hold should it ever be necessary.

    That invitation to come live in Texas remains open and always will be. We have beaches, deserts, mountains and lots of space. Inexpensive housing too.

    Prayers ascending!


  2. Are blog readers allowed to vote for you to secure your bookshelves to the wall? This one certainly hopes you will take that (and similar) measures!

  3. As I understand it -- inadequately, probably -- a bunch of smaller earthquakes makes it less likely that a big one will, since the built-up stress is being relieved in small steps instead of building and building.

  4. Earthquakes can be so scary. The noise of them coming is worst of all. The questions we always have is "Is this the big one?"

    I was in NZ when a big one (6.8) struck before Christmas. We knew it was bad, but because we didn't hear the rumble we knew it wasn't "the big one"

    One theory is often that these large movements relieve pressure and help prevent really big shakes.

    I pray that this is not predictive of a bad one for you.


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