Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Homesick for Grand Rounds

This week's edition is up, and looks terrific! Dr. Val Jones has organized posts according to the limbic system, the dominant emotion each post is likely to arouse in readers. My dominant emotion, looking at this edition, is homesickness, because I haven't submitted to GR in so long!

I have to do something about that. But since I have 160+ pages of grading to do by next Monday -- and a homily to write for this Sunday -- it may have to wait yet another week.

I've also started having long, wistful, complicated dreams about the hospital. I'm not sure what that means; maybe that my brain wants me to get back to writing hospital posts?

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  1. Dr. Val6:31 PM

    Aw... sorry you feel homesick for Grand Rounds. I'm sending you some virtual chicken soup.

    :) Why not send Doc Gurley something next week?


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