Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Crowded Bumper

I just ordered two more bumper stickers: an Episcopal Church shield, and a "Christian Left" sticker. They'll make a nice combo. I know I'm going a little nuts with this, but Gary says he likes a lot of bumper stickers (and he's happy to ride in the car even though he's atheist . . . or apathist, as he prefers to call himself).

In any case, the stickers make the car easier to find in parking lots.

In more substantial reading news, this week's Grand Rounds is up. I'm looking forward to reading it. One of these days I'll get around to submitting posts again!


  1. Susan, I'd be interested in seeing the bumper stickers in place. Photo op?


  2. These last two points were actually eye-opening for me. While I am not very active in religious affairs, the term "Christian left" is a new one to me. I have ended up on the Episcopal policy mailing list due to following your call for support on some issue or other a while ago, but generally do not participate in much policy discussion or debate that has any mention of "Christian-based" theory due to my distaste for the far Christian right...

    So, now more deep thought on my part to see where exactly I fit in the philosphical world...

  3. Glad I'm making you think, John! ;-)


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