Friday, April 25, 2008

Enough, Already!

Some of you may have heard about the earthquake swarm Reno's been having for the last few days. They've all been small, but they're still unnerving, especially since they keep happening.

I was at the hospital yesterday when we had three within about ten minutes, although I only felt the last one. Gary, who was home, told me later that the third one made our plastic shower doors shake and clatter. The cats stared at Gary with "What the hell are you doing?" looks on their faces.

We both felt one in the early evening; based on that, I decided to sit on Gary's side of the dining room, the one across the table from our six-foot bookshelves (they're bolted to each other, but not to the wall).

Today seemed quiet until a bit after six, when we were eating dinner and felt a short, sharp shock. Nothing in the house fell -- or even moved, that I could detect -- but I still moved back to Gary's side of the table. Having my back to the six-foot bookshelves didn't seem like such a great idea.

This has reminded us that we're not especially well prepared for an emergency. We have candles, flashlights, and battery-powered radios, and would probably be okay for food, but we don't have extra gallons of water lying around. I suppose we ought to do something about that.


  1. We've had a couple here in the last week that originated in Southern Illinois. The first one hit at about 5 in the morning; the boy sat bolt upright, the cat sat bolt upright, and they both looked at each other and said "what was that?!"

    Since then, the cat's been rather clingy and insistent on having full food and water bowls at all times. I can't really blame her, especially as we've had a few aftershocks.

  2. Come live in Texas. We hardly ever have quakes. :)

    Seriously, this is getting scary. Have the experts chimed in on why they think you are having cluster quakes? It sounds unusual to me. Is there a new mountain forming somewhere in Nevada?

    Please keep yourselves as safe as possible! Store the books in boxes and avoid anything that can fall...even from a distance. Also know that you are in my prayers and that's constantly till this nastiness with Mother Earth is over!



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