Monday, April 28, 2008

Yet More Fun!

At 10:51, we had a "minor earthquake" measuring 3.1, followed at 11:01 by a "microearthquake" measuring 2.8. They were small, but we definitely felt both of them.

Hey, the partying never stops around here.

I've been sitting in my study, which is probably the least earthquake-safe room in the house. I think I'll get into bed now!


  1. Is the bedroom the safest room in the house? I wonder what the coyotes are doing during the quake. How much desert scenery will have shifted? This could end up to be a very interesting experience.

    Peace! & Hope!

  2. Yikes, Susan !
    You do lead an exciting life :-)

    Prayers for safety for all in your region

  3. To think, some people claim that shaking in the bedroom is fun.

    Hope all is going well again there.


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