Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cats: Always in Style!

I know I post lots of photos of Harley and Figgy, especially when they're curled up together, but look at all that furry cuteness! Who could resist?


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Awwwww. Love the top down shot. Snuggly cats are a goodness for the day.

  2. Certainly not I...Hi Susan, I was sent over here by Lee (Crysalis Dreams) and have been remiss, but I'm here now and love kitty's myself. If you ever get a chance to visit pay close attention to my side bar...most of the kids are there...yours are real beauties...Harley and Figgy...when was it they told you there names?

  3. Thanks, Kristen and Sandi!

    Sandi: Harlequin told me his name when I spotted him as a tiny kitten in the animal shelter. He looked like he was wearing a mask, so he was "Harlequin" right away. He answers to Harley, though!

    Figaro is what my husband had decided we were going to name our next cat when we got Figgy, so he was Figaro right away!

    We like three-syllable names with literary or artistic connotations. Our black kitty, Bali, is named Balthazar because we got him right before Epiphany, and that was the name of one of the three Wise Men.

  4. Susan, those two are so cute. But all your kitties are cute! Hooboo shows signs of liking early morning snuggles. Yay!



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