Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Productive Day

You may not want to read this post if you're extra-squeamish about distasteful medical procedures.

Today I did a couple of small chores on which I've procrastinated: filled out some paperwork at work, arranged to step down from a departmental service assignment I haven't been enjoying, switched primary-care providers. My former PCP and I have been having some communication problems, and Gary and I used to see an MD we really liked who started his own practice. I checked, and he's taking new patients, so we're going over there. I called his office to make an appointment; they e-mailed me paperwork to fill out, including the form for transfer of medical records. I called our insurance to make sure he's on our plan (he is), and learned that Gary and I can reduce our deductible by 50% by filling out an online survey. So that was all good news. This physician is farther away than our old doctor, but it had gotten to the point where former-doc was chalking all my symptoms up to psychological issues which I don't think I have. I was probably getting thorough care anyhow, but I didn't feel like I was. When I realized that I dreaded going back there because I didn't want to hear the same old mantra, I decided it was time to get a new doc.

Of course, maybe I'm in denial. But I discussed this in detail with my shrink, and she didn't think so (she thought former-doc was being inappropriate). So that's one vote of confidence.

My shrink has also been nudging me to go back to my GI doc for some mild but possibly worrisome symptoms (former-doc was nudging me about that too, come to think of it), and I finally did so last week. GI Guy was very kind about the fact that I hadn't been in for so long, but said gently, "I want you to have a colonoscopy. You knew I was going to say that, right?"

"Why do you think I waited so long to come in?" He laughed, and I said, "Everything's going to be normal, you know. My tests are always normal."

"Yeah, I know. But if we didn't do them, that would be the one time things wouldn't be normal. So we'll do the test, because that way we know it will be normal."

I like this guy. He thinks the way I do.

We're throwing in an endoscopy for the heck of it, but the two procedures will be at the same time, and they're at the end of May, so I have a while before I have to worry about the Dreaded Prep. I've done this twice before -- lucky me! -- so at least I know what to expect.

A friend of mine needs a colonoscopy too, as it turns out, so I gave my prep briefing. (For the love of God, make sure you get the Half-Lytely, not the Go-Lytely!) Talk about areas in which I never expected, or wanted, to be an expert!

Getting old. It's not for anyone who cares about dignity.

But, as I was saying, all of that was last week. Today was a good day. So, despite the fact that we just got a dental bill for ninety zillion dollars -- okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit -- and despite the fact that we don't know how many extra mortgages we'll have to take out to pay for the May procedures, I celebrated by ordering a pair of new shoes.

Oooooh! you say. Sexy red high heels? Elegant black boots? Darling little rhinestone flip-flops?

Nope. Dansko Narrow Professional Clogs: great arch support, which with luck will help out my aching hip and knees! I can alternate those with my beloved Keens.

I gave up on sexy shoes a long time ago.


  1. Those shoes look comfy! Let me know how they work, okay?

    How's Lulu doing? What are you knitting? What are you watching? What are you reading? I know...too many questions. :)


  2. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Sorry about the impending medical stuff.

    But mostly, I wanted to say that I love my Danskos. For years (literally) my husband got to hear me complain about foot pain after a day at work. I also have a dreadful time finding shoes that fit. So when I tried on a pair of my sisters's Danskos and said something along the lines of "
    Hey, these are comfortable!," he said, "Spare no expense (well, sort-of) - we're buying you those shoes!" And seriously, since I've started wearing danskos, my feet no longer hurt after a day of teaching.

    I hope that yours work out well for you too.


  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Loved seeing your new Dansko clogs since I thought of you the other day when I got a pair of new Keen clogs (on sale, to make them even better than they already were).

    Happy walking,


  4. A dearvfriend has just had a colonoscopy (her mother died of cancer of the colon, so you can imagine the pre-procedure paranoia) All clear.

    Both Cathie and I have had endoscopies. Suffice to say that the smell of bananas was intolerable for about a week.

    All best wishes.

    Comfortable shoes, up there with soft toilet paper and good dentistry.

  5. All the residents I know swear by danskos, as do a lot of med students. Apparently, however, it takes a few weeks to feel at home in them, and then suddenly you can't imagine wearing any other shoes.... that's probably a metaphor for something.

  6. Hey, great shoes! I'm always looking for something with good arch support, and those are great for working in labs, as I do. (When one works with acid, one does not wear shoes which expose the foot.)


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