Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mended Angel

Here's the mended angel in his new location, on top of a taller bookcase which, so far, has remained safe from the cats (although I wouldn't put anything past them!). The angel, which I talk about in my Christmas 2004 homily The Angel of Incarnation, is from Gulf Coast Mississippi, made by a local Jewish artist. I bought the statue when my father lived down there.

Ocean Springs, my dad's former home, is also where I acquired the Mexican milagros cross. The painted cat box was a gift from my sister. The two photographs on either side of the angel are baby pictures of my mother; I especially love the one where she has her hand in the goldfish bowl! The metal bird was a present from Mom several Christmases ago.

Because the statue is an icon of incarnation for me, the fact that it's been broken and mended makes it doubly precious, a symbol of healing. And it also reminds me that Communion bread has to be broken before it can feed the faithful, whose job it is to help heal the world. (For a fuller explanation of my personal take on eucharistic theology, see this homily.)

Many thanks again to my student Liz for repairing the angel's broken wing!


  1. It looks great, Susan! I'm so glad the repair has been such a success for you.

    I love the pictures of your mom. Nice to have vintage photos.


  2. Thank you for the link to the homily.
    "I think it’s God’s assurance that if we feel broken, we’ve already been blessed, instead of cursed. We can only feel broken when we have first been whole; we grieve most deeply the loss of what has given us the greatest joy."
    My mom is dying, and it is a good reminder that she has been a gift of God -- a blessing and a joy. It is tempting to get angry with God, but what a wonderful mother He has given me. Take, bless, break, give. I really like that. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, Lee!

    And RF, I'm so sorry about your mother. You and she will be in my prayers. I'm glad the homily offered you a helpful way of thinking about things.


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