Monday, March 31, 2008

Meet . . . KAUA'I KITTY!

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Hello! I'm Kaua'i Kitty, also known as Tour Cat, because I follow tour groups.

The tour groups don't come to see ME. They come to the National Tropical Botanical Garden, where I live, to see other things.

Humans are so silly. I'm the most beautiful thing here, because I'm a cat. (There's another cat here who thinks he's more beautiful than I am, but he's wrong.) But do most of the humans spend much time looking at ME?

Of course not.

They look at flowers.

And more flowers.

And still more flowers.

They look at trees.

The tops of trees.

The bottoms of trees.

Themselves standing between the roots of trees.

Poor inferior humans! They can't climb trees the way I can.

The humans also like pools and fountains.

Most of them don't seem to realize that the true purpose of the pools is to give ME lots of nice drinking water.

Sometimes I play with my friends the frogs. But these frogs don't want to play with ME. They're too busy making baby frogs.

Frogs, like humans, need to get their priorities straight.

The silliest thing that the humans do is looking at statues. Of course, this statue might be carrying cat treats. Also, anything with a fish tail is good.

But this statue can't possibly be of interest to anyone. It looks too much like a dog.

Any statue is much more interesting with ME on top of it.

I follow the tour groups to try to show them where the real beauty is: in ME. When they recognize my beauty and pay homage by patting ME, I know I've succeeded.

Then I reward them by posing on top of statues, so they'll have something really interesting to look at.

I also reward humans who pat ME by lying next to them, one of the greatest honors a human can receive.

And when especially discerning humans have paid an exceptional amount of attention to ME -- often because they miss their cats back home -- I pay them the greatest honor.

I let them pick me up. And I purrrrrrrrr.

Of course, their cats back home are far inferior to ME. But the humans have to make do with what they have.

In every tour group, there are a few discerning humans. I'm very sad when they leave.

But there are always other humans who come to visit.

So if you come to Kaua'i, be sure to visit the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

I'll be waiting for you.


  1. What a creative way to tell a story, Susan! I loved it! And Kaua'i Kitty is very handsome. He looks sleek and well fed. His tail makes me wonder about his parentage. He has some very interesting coat colors and markings.

    Glad you had such a good time at the Botanical garden.


  2. Lovely, made me smile

  3. Carnival of the Cats is up:

    Thanks for participating.

    The botanical gardens are really intriguing. I would like to visit them when I finally make it to Hawai'i. And how great to have a feline tour guide. I love meeting cats when I travel.

  4. It's nice to meet you, Kaua'i Kitty! I can't believe those visitors look at the flowers - they should be admiring you! :)

  5. Ah, I see...the tree...Jurassic Park...yes, very silly movie...beautiful cat.


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