Monday, March 17, 2008

Super-Duper Glaucoma Test

I don't have glaucoma. Yay!

I do have retinal "lattices" (common in near-sighted people) that could predispose me to detached retinas. I also have something funky going on with my optic nerve -- thinning, I think -- that concerns the doc a bit; she wants to see me back in six months for a retest. I'm sure in six months it will be fine. This is just another of Susan's Strange Symptoms, the ones that vanish under intense scrutiny from doctors. Same old same old, although it's nice when the docs are thorough.

The copay for the OCT (lots of pretty flashing lights! yay!) was only $30. Double yay!

To celebrate, I went to a yarn store and got some gorgeous yarn at a great sale price: enough yarn for a scarf was only $12, and this was at the fancy yarn store in town. Yay!


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Susan, Maybe March isn't so bad after all. At least no glaucoma.


  2. Oooh, lovely yarn, indeed! And for what a price!

    Not to mention hurrah for no glaucoma! And excessive exclamation marks! Prayers still travel with you all the same.


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