Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bits o' Progress. Plus Shopping.

Today I graded scads of papers and wrote my Maundy Thursday homily (which has now been vetted by Gary and one of our parish priests; since the bishop will be there, I wanted extra feedback).

My brain hurts.

Tomorrow I have to grade a slightly smaller scad of papers, finish prepping one of my classes for Monday, and chip away at three work reports that are due on Friday.

Normally I could do some of this on Monday morning, but not this week, since I'll be having the super-duper glaucoma test. Ick.

Have I mentioned that my brain hurts?

In the meantime, I've discovered the quick high to be obtained by downloading MP3s on Amazon. Don't ask me why I didn't know about this before. Gary told me about it tonight, and now I'm hooked. MP3 downloads are definitely the musical version of crack. We'll probably have to take out a second mortgage on our house because of my song downloads, although I did figure out that I don't have to download everything I might want this very second. It will all be there waiting for me whenever I want it.

All day. All the time. 24/7.

Are there 12 Step groups for MP3 junkies?

I will get through this week I will get through this week I will get through this week. I think I can I think I can.

And tomorrow's Palm Sunday. Happy Holy Week, everybody!

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