Sunday, March 30, 2008


And the mishaps continue! We got in late last night, after a blessedly uneventful trip. After unpacking and cuddling with the cats a bit, I got to bed at 1:00 a.m. Gary and I were both very grateful that we'd be able to sleep in this morning.

At 9:00 a.m., the phone rang. It was one of our priests from church. "Susan, has there been a mistake? You're on the schedule to preach this morning."

Oy! I didn't have it written in my calendar, but when I checked, it was on my printed preaching schedule. I must have offered to preach today before I knew we were going to Hawai'i, and then forgot to reschedule when our plans changed. Luckily, I had an old Thomas homily I could dust off and give again, and it's one that's exceedingly close to my heart, so that worked out.

People at church were very kind. The priest said they had a discussion instead of a homily at the 8:00 service, and my 10:30 gig went fine, although I was more than a little groggy. People who'd heard the homily before told me it was worth hearing again -- one woman even asked for my printed copy to send to her son -- and people who hadn't heard it before said very nice things about it. And everyone thanked me for preaching under emergency conditions, even though the emergency was my fault! When I told the priest about my run of klutziness and mistakes on Kaua'i, she said, "Well, you can give yourself credit for doing a good deed this morning."

I love my parish. Oh, and that reminds me: Happy belated Easter, everybody!


  1. LOL Welcome back to the real world, Susan! We're glad to have you home safe and sound if somewhat befuddled. Can't wait to hear all those stories and see some more pictures.

    Hugs! & Thanks to God for your safe trip!

  2. At my church, a priest once thought someone else was giving the homily so he hadn't prepared anything. Instead of winging it, he just announced that we would have a short meditation period and sat.


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