Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cat Naps

Harley and Figaro were sleeping in cutely contorted positions the other day, so I took some photos.

Harley and Bali both had a really exhausting day yesterday, since they had to go to the vet: Bali for a routine checkup and shots, Harley for followup bloodwork to check his kidney values, which had been slightly elevated when he had his teeth cleaned in January.

It took us twenty minutes to get Bali into the cat carrier: Gary would almost get him in, and then he'd shoot free again. In the process, I got scratched (not badly), and Bali got so stressed out that he was shaking and panting in the vet's office, and his heart rate was 240. He eventually calmed down, though, and was pronounced in excellent health.

Harley was a little calmer about the whole thing -- although his heart was galloping, too -- but his kidney values haven't changed since January. On the one hand, that means he's not getting worse, but we'd hoped that his slightly high creatinine level was just a fluke. Apparently not.

The vet gave us two choices: we can put him on a special kidney diet now -- which, in a multi-cat household, means putting all of them on the expensive prescription diet, and hoping they'll actually eat the stuff rather than turning their noses up at it -- or we can keep checking his bloodwork every six months. We opted for the second choice, especially since we have two trips coming up. Asking a cat sitter to cope with a special diet is a bit too much.

There is a possibility that Harley's creatinine levels just naturally run a little high; we're hoping that's what's going on!


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Our cat is 20 and he has had on and off poor kidney values. We have him on a high protein cat food. He was diagnosed 8 years ago and is still OK. At 20 he spends his day sleeping, eating, sleeping, peeing, sleeping..
    Have a plastic proper cat carrier, place it door up on the floor and inserting the cat will be easier. I wrap our cat in an old towel first.


  2. Sounds like you're taking excellent care of your cats.

    My dog had a heart condition, and we prepared special food for her. But she was very clever - whenever we tried to shift her to the easier healthy packaged dog food, she threw it up.

    She trained us well.


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