Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Fun With Downloads

I've been having fun exploring nature sounds, which I find a soothing accompaniment to work. Right now I'm listening to crashing waves. I can almost feel the sun and smell the salt air, an especially pleasant experience because it's snowing here at the moment (I hope we do our Palm Sunday procession inside!).

Last night, I searched for MP3s of purring cats. Yes, they exist! I decided not to pay for a download when I can listen to my own cats purr, but it's comforting to know that I'll still have access to the sound if I'm ever catless.

Meanwhile, one of the MP3 tracks was this hilarious clip of kittens meeping for food while their mother purrs. You can listen to a snippet of it by clicking on the little arrow to the left of the MP3 title. I played it last night, and instantly the entire household was on alert. Gary said, "Oh my God, have we gotten more?" just as all three cats came racing into my study to confront the intruders.

We are a simple people, easily amused.

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