Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Morning Walk

This morning dawned cloudy and cool, with blessedly clear air and some actual sprinkles of rain on the deck. Coming after a summer when we've often been advised not to go outside because of horrendous air quality (smoke and smog) and when the temperature's often been scorching even when the air was breathable, today's conditions feel like a small miracle. I'd been planning to go to the gym to work out on the elliptical, but instead, I took a walk in our neighborhood to look at the mountains and smell the sagebrush.

Along the way, I met a friendly Siamese cat and an equally friendly German shepherd (whose person was very happy that I liked her dog so much), and also saw a rabbit and many birds. And rising above the six-foot wooden fence of one yard, I saw a huge sunflower, which immediately put me in mind of Jack and the Beanstalk. This photo's not mine, but it gives you the idea!

Meanwhile, I've cleaned my office at work, although my study at home's still a disaster. I've been writing a little every day in my journal, and often working on the book, too. My feelings about the book fluctuate wildly, but I guess I just have to keep on keeping on.

Today I'm going to buy some fresh flowers for my office, a rare luxury. (Flowers at home are problematic, since the cats view them as salad.) I'd decided to do that last night, but now they'll remind me of the sunflower.

Oh, the Tide of Phlegm has finally ceased. Yesterday I swam for the first time in about a week, which felt great.

Autumn's coming! Thanks be to God!

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  1. That's a lovely flower, Susan. Glad to hear you had some nice weather. We're still scorching down here in S. Texas but tropical storm Edwards should bring us some much needed rain today and tomorrow.

    Cute cat story: I tried putting ice cubes in their water bowl because you mentioned doing it. Hooboo decided they were supposed to be played with and kept trying to fish them out. LOL

    Hope your good weather continues!



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