Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Hotel of Uncertainty

This is my sixth post today: jeez! I'm posting so much because I couldn't post while we were in San Francisco, even though our hotel has free internet that's worked for me in the past, because the internet was highly fickle. Sometimes the network didn't even show up on the network list. Sometimes it did, but you couldn't connect. Sometimes you could connect for a few minutes but then it kicked you off. Sometimes it stayed connected but wouldn't let you read e-mail; other times, you could read e-mail but not send it. I never had any luck connecting to Blogger, even when I carried the laptop across the street (we were in an annex) to the main hotel lobby, where I thought the signal might be stronger and more reliable. Nope. The strength was still "very low," even there.

This situation was, in a word, nerve-wracking.

But it wasn't nearly as bad as our struggles with our key cards. We've stayed in a lot of hotels, and we've used a lot of key cards. We've never had one stop working on us. This trip, we'd asked for two key cards, and both of us repeatedly -- I'm talking several times a day here -- had to get new ones, because the cards would just stop working. They wouldn't let us in the annex door, or they'd get us into the building but wouldn't work on our room door. And every single time we trekked across the street to get a new card, the front desk clerk told us cheerfully that this must be our fault: we must have kept the key next to our credit cards or our cellphones.

We kept the key cards the same place we've always kept key cards, and we've never had anything like this kind of trouble before.

Meanwhile, for some reason we only got one washcloth a day, although there were lots of towels. And sometimes we couldn't get a dial tone on the room phone.

So we're not going there again, which is too bad. For a while, it was our favorite place to stay in the city, because it was inexpensive and had free parking and free internet. Which worked. But the quality has, shall we say, gone downhill.

(The hotel's the Ramada Limited on Seventh Street, for anyone planning a trip to San Francisco. Obviously, we no longer recommend the place.)

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  1. Ooh, uck! Sorry you had such a bad time there. I've never been fond of chain hotels. Better luck with your next choice!



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