Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All Kinds of Stuff, In No Particular Order

1. My father and Fran got the apartment! Now we begin the nerve-wracking process of two people moving from two different states into the same small space. They probably won't be here for about two months, but there are lots of logistics to be worked out in the meantime.

2. This week's edition of Grand Rounds is up. Happy reading!

3. Speaking of medicine, yesterday I flew down to Vegas to teach my narrative-medicine class to some third-year students. It was great fun, and two of them are now interested in my fourth-year NM elective (and one person came away from the class with an interesting idea for a research project). So I'm pleased with how it went.

4. Also speaking of medicine -- veterinary, this time -- Harley had bloodwork this morning to see if he's developing kidney disease (his bloodwork has seemed to indicate that he might be, but it's borderline and might just be normal for him, so they've been rechecking his blood every six months). Please keep your fingers crossed for good results!

5. Yesterday in Vegas, my friend Marin showed me her iPhone, which is a thing of beauty and splendor, and for which I developed instant and total technolust. Gary and I talked about my getting myself one for my birthday, but reality set in when I started checking the numbers: on top of the hefty purchase price for the unit, the monthly charge ranges from $70 to $130, and that's way too much to pay on top of our other bills. (Plus, battery life seems to be a problem with these gizmos.) So I'll stick with my modest little cellphone for now. I'm sure that the units will become more reliable and that prices will come down, but I can wait until that happens.

6. Tomorrow we leave for the wedding in San Francisco. It should be a fun trip!

7. Classes start Monday. Eeeep! I think I'm ready, but I suspect I'll have my share of teaching-anxiety dreams this weekend.

I think that's all the news. I may blog over the weekend -- I'm certainly taking the laptop -- but if I don't, I hope everyone has a great few days!


  1. Congratulations to your dad and Fran! It may be a logistics nightmare but it will be an exciting time for you too. :)

    Prayers ascending for Harley! And a cuddle being sent too! And a treat! Poor guy, always getting stuck with needles.

    An acquaintance got himself an iPhone but didn't need the phone part so he had them take that out and put in more memory. He uses it like a PDA. I'm guessing he doesn't have the monthly phone bills.

    Hope you have a great semester! What's on your roster of subjects?


  2. Buy a "cracked" iPhone and use it on your current plan.* (Though you may still have to add data service and the like. Also, you should forget about every having free time again.)

    Good to hear about your Dan and Fran, I hope.

    What Lee Said about Harley.

    You're getting married in SF?

    *For those who object that this is a ToS violation, I note that we here in the Great White North see booths dedicated to sales of "Cracked" phones. Judging by this video, there is a secondary market available in the States as well.

  3. As someone who just started to deal with kidney failure in a long beloved (15 years!) cat, sending you good thoughts.

    Sahass (short for Sahasrara, don't ask) is still doing fine. She won't eat any of her special food, but the every-other-day hydration seems to be keeping her pretty peppy and happy. I guess I'm lucky that I'm a nurse and don't mind doing the subq hydration -- the rest of the household are needlephobes.

    This site: was a big help.


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