Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, it's certainly been a gala day! (By the way, I'm now blogging from my regular machine, which is certainly preferable in terms of keyboard size if it's available!)

I got home from my hospital shift to discover birthday packages from my mother and sister, even though my birthday isn't until September 7. They'd both sent me gorgeous bracelets from a wonderful Native American jewelry store near them; my mother also sent me a generous check. After I'd called to thank them, Gary and I went to the Verizon store. I thought the BlackBerry would simply cost too much to make sense, especially with monthly charges.

I was wrong. After a mail-in rebate, my mother's birthday check covers the cost of the device. Meanwhile, adding unlimited e-mail and internet to my existing phone service (which was transferred over to the Curve) only added $30 a month to the bill. And it turns out that as a state employee, I get a discount, which means that the monthly bill will be less than $50: still an extravagance, make no mistake, but a relatively affordable one, especially since our home internet costs went down when we switched to AT&T.

Best of all, Gary now has my old phone. His mother and I have been pestering him to get one; I worry about him not being able to call 911 when he's out hiking. What if he falls and breaks a leg? But Gary's phone-phobic: he doesn't like talking on them and usually doesn't even answer them when they ring. He just lets voice mail answer, and then screens the call to see if it's something he needs to respond to or if it's for me.

We explained all this to the Verizon salesperson, who said, "Okay, look, I'll give him his own number on your old phone, and I won't charge you an activation fee, and you can just put prepaid minutes on there and add more if he uses them up. How does that sound?"

It sounded great to me. Gary was still extremely dubious, but acquiesced when I insisted. (He can testify to my ability to be a nagging wife when I think something's important!) So he now has a prepaid phone that will live in his hiking pack. With luck, he'll never use it, but I feel better knowing that it's there.

I've been playing with my BlackBerry nonstop for the last few hours. It's truly a thing of wonder and beauty. I've now figured out how to get the symbols I need for HTML coding for blogging: yay! I've set some bookmarks and done some web browsing. I've taken a few pictures and deleted them because they were terrible, but that's probably because of bad lighting. I've figured out how to add new phone numbers. I've spoken to my sister on her cell, with good reception on both ends. (More about that in another, less cheerful post.) My next tasks are to figure out how to set a password on the BlackBerry, and to download my favorite songs to the phone.

To answer's Lee questions, headphones came with the phone (and I already have nice noise-canceling ones for plane trips). My laptop connects to the internet by itself, so it doesn't need the phone to do that; but the phone gives me the option of leaving the laptop at home for short trips.

I'll have to name the phone, in the grand tradition of Holly Honda, Fiona Ford, and Vera Vaio. Carla Curve?

Wait, no, I've got it! Caprica Curve! Caprica Curve, because she's a Cylon!



  1. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Happy early birthday!
    I'm glad Gary has a phone for hiking incidents, but be sure it stays charged. Even unused in the backpack, it'll loose it charge over a week or so time.

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Keep in mind that those prepaid minutes expire after a fixed period of time--say, 90 days (check the terms of service).


  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    "lose its charge"
    Boy, I need more coffee in the mornings!


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