Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grand Rounds Meets the Bard!

This week's edition is up, with a Shakespearean theme. Now that's what I call Literature & Medicine!

Elsewhere in medical news, I've made an appointment with a local acupuncturist (who's also an MD, and very highly regarded by a colleague who's one of his patients). I keep hearing that acupuncture helps at least some people with allergies, arthritis and depression, all of which I have, so why not give it a try?

My initial appointment was with an APN, and my friend at work said only the MD places the needles, which would mean I'd need an appointment with him, too. I called to check on this, and the scheduler explained that the APN will spend an hour with me, taking a complete history and doing various tests. Then I'll be led into the acupuncture room and the doctor will come in and place the needles.

Dang! When did I last have that much face time with a provider? Just knowing that someone's going to listen to me that carefully makes me feel good about this place already. (Now that's what I call narrative medicine!) O brave new world, that has such creatures in it!

And, amazingly, this doctor is on my insurance list.

I'll post about it afterwards -- the appointment's in two weeks -- and let you know what I think.


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Good luck w/ the acupuncture. It's done wonders for my allergies. Hasn't helped as much w/ the depression, but everyone's experience varies.

    Jeff P.

  2. Thanks, Jeff! If it only does wonders for my allergies, I'll be one happy woman!

    Do you have to have regular visits? How often do you go?

  3. Good luck with this Susan. I've always wondered if the needles were really painless when they placed them. I believe the results they suggest because I've had good results from acupressure.


  4. I've had great experiences with acupuncture for repetitive stress pain -- just started a course for my cat with fairly recent chronic kidney failure.

    The needles really don't hurt -- they are very, very small/thin. You might feel a momentary prick but usually I'm not even aware of everyplace they put them in.


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