Thursday, August 28, 2008

And on a less happy note . . .

When Gary and I got back from shopping, we had a voicemail from my sister. When I'd called her earlier at my father's apartment to thank her for the birthday gift, she told me that he'd developed a bad cough overnight -- although he didn't have a fever -- and that his home-care nurse was making an emergency visit to check him out.

The nurse thought he had the very beginnings of pneumonia, so Liz took him to the ER. I spoke to both of them there. Liz said things were going well, but that she didn't know if they were going to admit him. He said that he'd be fine, that he certainly wasn't going to be admitted, and that he was sure they'd just send him home with antibiotics. (Since he's 86 and already frail, I have my doubts about that, but we'll see what happens.) His main concern was that he didn't want me to worry too much.

Whatever's causing his cough, they caught it really early, so I'm actually not too worried. But all prayers will be appreciated! Thanks!


Well, Dad called it. They're sending him home with meds. He does have pneumonia, but it's just at the beginning stages. (Wow, that came on fast!) Evidently his doctor was debating whether to admit him: he said on paper, he'd do the admission, but my father seemed to be doing well, so instead he's going home.

I'm glad he'll get to sleep in his own bed tonight.

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  1. Prayers for health ascending, Susan. For you and your sister's peace of mind also. I hope this isn't a frequent occurrence when he is settled into his new place.

    Peace! & Hope!


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