Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big News

My father may have an apartment in Reno! There's one person ahead of him on the waiting list, and the management of the place has been trying to reach her, without success. If she doesn't get back to them by Monday, the apartment is Dad's (and Fran's, since they plan to share it; Gary and I both think it's too small for two people, but they lived together on a boat for quite a while, and that was smaller).

It's in a lovely complex close to campus, which is convenient for me. The windows -- blocked by trees, luckily -- look right out on I-80, which means that it's very noisy when the windows are open, although the unit has AC, so they can stay cool without open windows. Many people on the list passed over the apartment for this reason, but Dad and Fran are both so hard of hearing anyway that it's less of a factor for them. And with the windows closed, the noise isn't bad at all.

Wish us luck, please!


  1. Best of luck all around, Susan! And I hope your dad and Fran like the apartment when they see it.


  2. I hope there's a good, positive reason they cannot reach the woman ahead of him on the list.

    Then I hope he gets it.


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