Saturday, August 02, 2008

Which of These Items is Not a Shoe?

Yesterday the nice AT&T man spent eight hours at our house installing fiber-optic service. The upshot is that our phones are working fine, we indeed have TV -- most of which appears moronic, although I enjoyed some snippets of Animal Planet -- but we haven't had internet access until a few minutes ago, even though Gary spent two hours on the phone with tech support this morning. Oy.

Anyway, while the installation guy was in the house, we kept the cats in the bedroom. Harley and Figgy complained but were fine. Bali, apparently believing that he was going to be whisked off to the vet at any moment, vanished. We thought maybe he'd gotten out of the room. We looked all over the bedroom, all over the house, even outside.

We finally found him in the bedroom, cowering behind the shoe rack. Even after we opened the bedroom door, even after the AT&T guy left, he huddled among the shoes. I finally coaxed him out, and got this photo (a rather fine one, if I do say so myself) in the process.

Poor baby! But he's his usual rambunctious self this morning.

Meanwhile, I think my cold's finally improving. Yesterday I was producing roughly my own body weight in phlegm every hour (aren't you glad I just put that image in your head?), and basically felt like I'd been hit by a semi. At one point, the inside corner of my left eye started throbbing and dripping whenever I blew my nose. Afraid that I'd torn or detached something with all my sneezing and coughing, I called my eye doctor, who explained that tears normally drain from the tear ducts into the nose. My nasal passages were so congested that this process was working in reverse, and whenever I blew my nose, my eye watered.

Another lovely image, huh?

Luckily, the eye thing has stopped now. I'm still clearing out goop from my chest and sinuses, but I don't think I'm making more; or, at least, not as much more as I was yesterday. This is a decided improvement!


  1. Aw, poor Bali. He sounds as skittish as my Hooboo gets when a stranger comes in. That's a great picture of him!

    I'm so glad you've got all this cool technology. Were you aware that you can watch some of SciFi's latest shows in rerun on their website. Not sure how it stacks up to your tastes but a friend highly recommends Eureka. Calls it smart and funny.


  2. Heh! We just started watching the second season of Eureka last night. We're ambivalent about it -- some of the plotting seems a bit sloppy (or predictable: I keep saying, "And now X will happen," and then it does) -- but I think it's going to get emotionally deeper in the second season than it was in the first, and we're interested enough to keep watching.

  3. Hm. He doesn't look shoeish.

  4. Liz Lasater10:21 AM

    He's just daring you to try to remove him!


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