Sunday, August 24, 2008

Harley's Okay!

Our vet left a voicemail message saying that Harley's bloodwork looks good: the kidney values are the same as they were the last two times, which means it's just an individual eccentricity on his part. She's going to keep doing bloodwork every 6-8 months just to make nothing changes, but for the moment, he has a clean bill of health.

No special diet! No subq fluids! Hip hip hurray!


  1. Yay! Glad Harley's doing so good. That's about the best picture I've seen of Harley yet! Good job!


  2. Susan, I am so glad that Harley is doing better. Having just lost our 19 year old Arial, I know how it is to have a health scare with a beloved member of our fur family. Our kitten Hound had to spend the night in Hospital last Thursday night and the Vet still isn't sure what was wrong with her, she quit eating and drinking...we've decided she was grieving for Arial..I pray only the best for Harley and his health...he is a beauty! Lee sent me by...


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