Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Change in the Weather

Gary and I went for a walk after dinner and actually had to wear jackets! Be still my heart! Could autumn actually be on its way?

If so, it's none too soon. A few days ago, I saw a coyote dart across one of the busiest roads in town, four lanes divided by a median. It got across the first two lanes, paused at the median, launched itself into the third lane, panicked at oncoming traffic, and then very wisely ran back the way it had come. I hope it didn't wind up being hit, and that it got home safely. It was running in the direction of our local mountain, and had probably been driven down in search of food after an exceedingly hot summer.

The last (and first) time I saw a wild coyote in town was last summer, when wildfires drove all kinds of critters off the mountain. Today, Gary and I also saw two dogs who looked feral. I probably should have called Animal Control about them, but didn't; I hope someone else will.

In technology news, Blogger lets you set up a mobile blog and then merge it with your regular one, which I'll probably attempt, since I think it's the only way to post photos from the handheld (basically, you e-mail them the photo and text, and they set it up for you).

I've also set up different ring tones for the phone and my e-mail accounts. Woo-hoo!

Today I drafted a poem on the BlackBerry memo pad, just to see if I could. This typing-with-thumbs thing gets old quickly, however, particularly for those of us who are young at heart but increasingly arthritic in the joints. If I ever do a lot of mobile blogging -- and a longish trip back East next summer may be in the works -- I'll have to invest in one of those folding Bluetooth keyboards.

That can wait for a while, though!


  1. The last time I checked, the folding keyboards are around $70. And appear to be well worth it if you're serious about using the Bberry (Canadian technology, that, btw) as a substitute for a laptop.

  2. Hi there. Mobile blogger, here. I find the Crackberry a lot easier than a regular phone keypad when it comes to texting. However, I wanted to let you know that there's a service called Jott whereby you call and leave a voice message and it turns it into text for you.

    So if your thumbs are aching, you could use this service to dictate the poem or thought or whatever, and set the service up to email it to you on the Blackberry. Then you can work on it/edit it or just let it be for later, if you want to.

    Have fun with the "Crackberry" - I love mine, wish it had a better camera.

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  3. This is turning out to be an interesting exploration for us all. I've felt kind of out of touch with the phone technology so thank you for sharing all of this. :)



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