Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Completely Frivolous Post

I've always been fairly un-girly. I don't wear makeup; I have short hair; I wear sensible shoes. People at the hospital frequently mistake me for a nun, and it's not just because I'm a chaplain. It's because at least one of the other female chaplains also doesn't wear makeup, has short hair, and wears sensible shoes. (I do wear a lot of jewelry, but not at the hospital.)

Among other things, I've never had the time or patience for nail polish. At the hospital, we aren't allowed to wear nail polish on our fingers, although that rule's probably less strict for me than it would be for medical personnel. And my toes are almost always hidden in sensible shoes, so why bother?

But the new Naot sandals show my toes, so I decided to go wild and use some polish. I love it! Having shiny toenails is fun! And I like this color because it's basically a pearlized flesh tone, very subtle, although I now plan to invest in some wilder colors.

My feet were up on the coffee table last night while we watched Michael Phelps win his umpteenth gold medal. (He's also going to earn a medal in weightlifting if he tries to wear them all at once.) I wiggled my toes at Gary, who rolled his eyes and said, "You're such a girl!"

So that's today's frivolous news. You weren't coming to this blog looking for deep intellectual content, were you? If so, you're out of luck.

And on that note, back to planning fall classes!

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  1. Feels nice to frill ourselves up occasionally doesn't it, Susan? Nice look with the sandals.

    Good for Gary, he knew just the right thing to say!

    Wow, you've really been busy today!



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