Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why the Sudden Sales Surge?

Periodically -- although not too often, since it's a depressing exercise -- I check my sales ranks on Amazon. As an author who can most charitably be described as "midlist," otherwise known as "obscure," my ranks tend to be low, usually around 200,000 or 300,000, but often lower. The older the book, the lower the sales rank runs. Sometimes Gary, who checks more often than I do, will call out excitedly, "Hey, Shelter's up to 26,000!" That's a big deal for us. I've never broken the 10,000 barrier.

(There are links to the Amazon pages of my books on the sidebar, if you're curious. I'm too lazy to put links in this post. This is probably part of why I don't sell better; I simply have no interest in marketing.)

When I checked today, the three newest books were all 300,000 or lower. I figured that Flying in Place, the oldest, would be down around 800,000, which isn't at all unusual.

Instead, FliP was at 8,929.


I did a Google search to see if somebody had just said something nice about the book, but I can't find anything new on it. Gary and I are both wondering if the book's being taught as part of a course somewhere, which would help explain a cluster of sales.

I'll probably never know, and -- unfortunately -- I'm sure this won't last long. But if anyone has an explanation, please clue me in. Gary and I are very curious!

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  1. Well, congratulations! Upward sales, especially on an earlier book is always nice. I noticed that one book which seemed to be accompanying purchases of your books was one on psychology. Interesting.


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