Friday, June 06, 2008


The other day a nice piece of consulting work landed in my lap; it's lucrative, but there's a short turnaround time, which is why I've been very bad about answering e-mail. (Sorry, Lee!) The same day this happened, I took my car to the garage for routine maintenance and walked out with a $540 bill. Ouch! I'll be doing a lot of driving this summer, though, and need the car in top shape.

The consulting gig will more than pay the garage bill, for which I'm most grateful. Very nice timing on that one!

In knitting news, I finished a small project and have gotten snarled on a larger one. I have to rip out a bunch of rows, and I'm procrastinating by making something else with the yarn Inez gave me. I started a feather-and-fan scarf last night, but it doesn't work well with this yarn; this is one of those yarns where any pattern is a distraction from the yarn itself. So I ripped that out this morning and embarked instead on a simple diagonal scarf, which is looking quite lovely.

In writing news, I just finished the draft of the second chapter of November. I know this one probably has far too much exposition -- the bane of many of my early chapters -- and lacks the narrative drive of later sections of the book, but I can't see it straight anymore, so I'm going to have to rely on Gary (and, later, on Sharon) to tell me what to cut.

In health news, today I tried to get my biopsy results from the procedures last Friday. I think I accidentally threw away the papers with post-procedure instructions; at any rate, I can't find them. I'd remembered today as the day to call the med-help line to get my doctor's recorded message, but whenever I called, the chirpy computer told me they didn't have anything for me. So finally I called the office and got my doctor's nurse, who told me that my notification date is actually this coming Tuesday, but that, in fact, the results are already in.

She told me that the stomach biopsy showed mild chronic gastritis, which is neither a surprise nor especially alarming. But then she said, "He's going to have to interpret the polyp results for you; there's some language here I don't recognize."

That sounds mildly alarming. On the other hand, if anything serious were wrong, I'm sure I'd already have gotten a call directly from the doctor, and the nurse didn't sound tense or worried. She did say, laughing, "Oh, and when he leaves the recorded message he'll tell you when you get to play again."


"Have your next procedure."

"Oh. Since I've had a polyp, I need colonoscopies more often now?"

"Yep," she said, sounding perky. Well may she sound perky, since I'm on my way to financing summer homes for the entire staff. (Do computers have summer homes? Is that why the med-help computer sounded so surreally cheerful?) My copay was several hundred dollars for each of the two procedures, and I have insurance. How in the world do people pay for this who don't?


  1. Congratulations on the consulting work. Extra income is always handy.

    I had a colonoscopy 3 or 4 years ago and the VA paid for mine. I'd rather have the job with insurance than face the assembly line feel of the facility I had it done at. You got to pick your cleansing method you lucky woman. I had to drink a gallon of the nasty tasting stuff. And then the container wasn't sturdy enough to recycle as a water bottle for my car. Sigh.

    Hugs to your boys. Mine have been watching me be productive with house work all day today and probably will see the same tomorrow.


  2. No, I didn't get to pick -- they just gave me the script for the half-gallon. I'm not sure why the VA doesn't use that; you should ask them!

    And I'd never drink water out of that container! LOL!

  3. Ann and I were talking today with Chip about people who misconstrue "play" in that old Derrida lecture about the subject; it never occurred to us that people used it in the sense of that receptionist.

    Oh, and people who don't have insurance get colon cancer and die, like Dave Van Ronk did; but I guess it was a rhetorical question.

  4. expert and one who makes money at it...lucky you.

    Had my colonoscopy a few years ago and no one told me I needed to be drunk to do it, so went in perfectly time a camera gets any where near my insides it'll be because I'm pirating and movie and have to swallow the evidence.

  5. Best luck with the polyp results! And, yeah, the health care system is not really meant to help people...


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