Monday, June 23, 2008

My Fellow Knitters

I'm in Chicago now and having a great time, but the Lit & Med Institute is keeping me very busy, so I don't have much time to blog.

However: On one of my flights out here, the woman sitting next to me was knitting a pair of socks. We compared yarns and patterns, and traded knitting anecdotes. Yesterday I knit through two Lit & Med sessions, and two other women said, "I'm so glad you're knitting! I'll bring my knitting tomorrow!"

Knitters. We're everywhere. We walk among you.

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  1. It sounds so nice that you can sit and knit in a group of people who are doing something else. That must be one of those times when multitasking is for pleasure.

    I'm on my last week of scoring a test for Pearson. I'll ask if there are more tests to score but if not I'll have time to job hunt.

    Have a good time! What is being discussed in your sessions? Also if you take any photos of Chicago, I'd love to see them.



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