Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tired Fingers

For the past week, I've been facilitating an online colloquium about The Lord of the Rings for a group of profoundly gifted youngsters. I've taught for this foundation before -- I usually teach a course for them once a year -- and I've even taught this particular colloquium before, but this was by far my liveliest group. In the past, my courses have collected 250-450 posts. This week, we've had a whopping 635, and I suspect there will be more, since some of the students want to keep talking! They've really kept me on my toes, too: there's been very substantive discussion.

It's great fun, but I'm worn out!

And I'm preaching tomorrow, so this afternoon and evening, I wrote my homily.

It's probably not too surprising, then, that I didn't work on the book today, and that I got less knitting done than usual, and no reading (other than colloquium posts). But tomorrow's a new day!

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