Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Ups and Downs

Today started off very well, with a breakfast meeting about the Literature & Medicine program in Reno. We have a schedule now, and a partial list of people we want to invite. My job by the end of the week is to finalize the syllabus, which will be easier now that my books have arrived from Chicago.

I decided to celebrate by buying a new bookcase for my office at school, to be devoted to Lit&Med books. (I also framed my Certificate of Appointment to the medical school -- the one with everything spelled right -- because it makes me happy.) Gary and I went to my office, measured, went to Office Depot, found something the right size, and went back to my office, where Gary began the long, tedious job of assembly.

In the meantime, I'd learned from the department secretary that my fall grad seminar's been canceled because it didn't get enough students. That's the second time in two years this has happened to me. This time around, I polled the grad students to see which topic they were most interested in, and went with the one that got the most votes, but it still didn't work.


Instead, I'll be teaching Women & Literature, which is always a fun course. But I have to get that syllabus into working shape soon, too, so I can order the books.

By the time we got the bookcase assembled and moved into the office, it was 6:00. We went out to eat so Gary wouldn't have to cook after fighting with cryptic assembly instructions. Then we came back home, where I stared mournfully at my third chapter and fiddled with it a bit. In the process, I figured out what comes next (this showing up at the computer really does seem to work!), but I didn't actually write it. I knitted instead, catching and repairing two potentially disastrous dropped stitches in my current project.

I'd hoped to have the third chapter done today, but instead, I'm giving myself until the end of the week. And I'm going to bed early tonight, because I got up at 6:00 for the meeting.

Both of my offices, at home and school, are in utter chaos right now, which isn't helping anything. I need to make time to straighten them up. Gahhhh.

I didn't read today. Mea culpa. I did swim, though.


  1. Hey, knitting is important. I realized the one thing I stopped doing in my life was my crocheting and I intend to remedy that soon.

    You have quite a platter full of projects going on! Wow!

  2. Good morning, Susan.

    I'm sorry your grad course didn't make. But I think I've heard you mention the women's lit course before and would like to know the reading list when you have it put together.

    Also glad to hear that you're making progress on the latest book. I look forward to reading it when it come out. Any news on the poetry booklet? I'm still wanting to read more of your work. Especially after going to a web page and reading sonnets that I found to be linguistically convoluted and confusing albeit elegant. You've spoiled me rotten in the sonnet arena. :)


  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Oh please, Susan, I don't want to know showing up at the computer works. That's why I sit in the livingroom. ;>)



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