Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Feline Real Estate

Yesterday we bought a new, huge kitty condo for the beasts. As you can see, it's three stories tall and allows them access to the top of the bookshelves in our dining room; from the perches, they can also watch the birds at the feeder. This thing's far too big to fit in our car, so our friend Rick Michaelson borrowed his son's truck to help us haul it from PetSmart. Thanks, Rick!

All three cats loved exploring the new condo, especially since there are toys dangling from chains attached to each level. It's difficult to get action shots of the kitties, particularly since our camera has a very slow shutter speed, but I thought this picture of Figgy reaching down to snag a toy was kind of cute.

Here's Bali playing with the toy at the bottom, as Harley looks on wistfully. Harley was the first cat to climb onto the condo and up onto the bookshelves, but once the other two cats showed up, he became quite shy and stayed on the floor, looking up, for a long time.

Here are Figgy and Bali peering down, as if to say, "Come on up, you silly cat!"

Bali's the youngest of the three, but in many interactions seems to be the Alpha, while Harley -- even though he was first on the condo -- usually defers to the other two.

As you can see, Bali's not shy at all, and happily went clambering all over Figgy (who, to be fair, didn't seem to mind much). Figgy's the laid-back middle child.

I love this shot of Figgy with his tongue out. It's so hard to capture a split-second position like that: I tried to get a photo of Harley yawning, which would have been terrific had it come out, but it was far too blurry.

As always, Figaro's the most photogenic. Here he is looking all relaxed and elegant, King of the Hill.

The kitty condo wasn't cheap, and my father thinks we're insane to spend so much money on our cats, but it was clearly a good investment, since all three beasts already like it so much.

Here, Figaro's clearly trying to decide whether to expend more energy on playing with the toy. Decisions, decisions! The life of a housecat is so stressful.

Nope. He decided that it was a much better idea to stretch and luxuriate. I think of this as Figgy's glamour shot. He should be a centerfold in Cat Fancy magazine.

This next photo cracks me up. His tail looks like some tentacle out of a monster movie or a Lovecraft story (except, of course, that it's cute and furry instead of slimy and horrible). Or maybe he's the Cat-Tail Demon from Buffy. (I don't think there was a Cat-Tail Demon, but there should have been.)

And because Harley's gotten short shrift in these photos, here's one I took of him earlier in the day, when he was striking one of his hilarious "it's time for you to pat my belly" poses.

And here's a Harley headshot. You can tell that he's saying, "Okay, humans, listen up, because I'm the Senior Cat in Charge around here, even if those two young whipper-snappers think otherwise. You're doing a good job on toys and scritchies, and all three of us approve of the idea of this new climbing and playing device, but you never feed us.


"Not ever!

"What's wrong with you people?"


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Cats and books. who needs anything else?

    Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

  2. You forgot the knitting, Inez! We also need knitting!

  3. Wow! Great choice in cat furniture, Susan! That's always such a good investment. I wonder if the boys will end up laying claim to a specific level.

    There's a new post up at my place with tons of flower pictures and a few of birds at the lake. Hope you can find time to visit.


  4. ZOMG, Susan, that is exactly the way cats talk. Adorable family you got there: sorry Dad is not as solicitous toward his grandkitties!

  5. Lee -- Well, so far Harley seems to have claimed the top perch. Maybe he's the Alpha after all?

    Josh -- My mother's even more bonkers about cats than Gary and I are, if that's possible (the household she shares with my sister and brother-in-law has six cats), so our three get quite enough grandparental attention!

  6. We seem to have a common theme in our posts...mine have been controlled by cats just recently...they would love to have such a thing as this to call their own...especially our 19 year old Arial...she could really rule the roose! Not that she doesnt' already...I've been in before, but Lee reminded me of your site. Glad I stopped by


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