Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Road Trip

Today I'm driving down to Bishop, California (215 miles away) to stay the night with Carol Emshwiller. Tomorrow I'll drive her to the Reno airport so she can catch a flight to Sacramento.

Jacob from Tachyon called me a while ago to ask if Carol could stay at our house the night before her flight; the original plan was for her to take the bus up from Bishop. But I offered to go get her instead. She and I have talked about a visit for several years now, but have never managed to arrange one, and the eastern Sierra is stunningly gorgeous. I've done that drive once, with my sister, and I'm really looking forward to doing it again.

I should be back midday tomorrow -- we'd better hope so, because Carol needs to make her flight! -- and Saturday I leave for Chicago.

I went to the hospital yesterday, since I'll be on the road Thursday. Two people said, "You're not usually here on Tuesdays!" One was a social worker I talk to all the time, so that didn't surprise me, but the other was a PA I barely know. It was a busy shift -- my census was 82, higher than it's been in a long time -- but there weren't any especially momentous visits. I mainly handed out tons of warm blankets. The hotter the temperature outside, the colder the ED seems to be.

I hope to have pretty pictures of the mountains when I get back, and if so, of course I'll post them.

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