Saturday, June 21, 2008

And on a Happier Note . . .

Eleven years ago today, Gary joined me in Nevada after packing up our apartment in New Jersey.

Happy Reno Anniversary, sweetie! I'm so glad you came out here with me!


  1. congrats on that! on another (albeit less important note) Susan, i am back and blogging. it would be wonderful to catch up as i have missed our conversations and your writing guidance. hope to speak to you soon.

  2. Hey, Tom! I was just wondering how you were doing!

    I'm in Chicago now, but I'll be back midweek and then around until mid-July. Yes, let's get together!

  3. Belated happy anniversary, Susan! Hope it was a good one.

    I went down to Alice and met my dad to swap computer stuff. I'll go down and see him and Mom again when I have all my info changed out between the the old and newer computer.

    Have fun in Chi town.



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