Friday, June 20, 2008

Frantic Trip Prep

I think I'm as packed for Chicago as I can be tonight. I'm really glad I don't have one of those 6:00 a.m. flights: I leave comfortably mid-morning. I could technically do more tonight, like packing up my laptop, but when I accidentally locked my car keys in the trunk with my suitcase, I knew I was getting too tired to think straight. (I put the suitcase in the trunk tonight so Bali wouldn't savage it with his claws: he evidently views it as a new and wonderful scratching post.) I'm really glad we have extra keys!

My doctor's office called today to say that they still don't have my records from the old place -- the first request got lost -- but as soon as the records arrive, they'll send me the name of my diagnosing pulmonologist so I can get the script. Yay. Meanwhile, the nice CPAP repairman from yesterday called to tell me about a way he could use a loophole to sell me a machine, but since his price was twice as much as's, I'll pass. I buy my masks and hoses from, and they've always been very fast and helpful, so I trust them.

I swam this afternoon (crucial to stretch out the back before hours of air travel) and then got my mother's birthday package mailed out. Her birthday isn't until July 6, but I had everything ready, so I figured I'd send it.

I'm still waaaaaaay behind on e-mail. Please forgive me, everyone.

And now I'm going to crash. I should have internet access in Chicago, and I'll post as time and energy permit.

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