Monday, June 09, 2008

Too Skiffy for Words

I just downloaded Google Earth, the best technotoy ever. Hours of free fun! Don't ask me why I didn't do this months ago.

The image above is the Paradise Range in central Nevada. In real life, you cross that range to get from Gabbs Valley to Ione Valley. In Driving to November, there's another, magical valley -- November Valley -- sandwiched between the two. Most of the world still drives from Gabbs into Ione via Brunton Pass, but people who've been conceived in November (or are traveling with people who were), drive from Gabbs to November Valley via Albert's Pass, which is in the same place as Brunton Pass. They have to drive another five miles, and cross a scary, magical mountain range, to get to Ione.

That's probably all clear as mud, right? Anyway, see the road crossing Paradise Range? And see that switchbacky bend in the middle? That's where Albert's Pass is, in the book.

And I'll be there tomorrow, when Sharon and I drive to Gabbs and then across the Paradise Range. At that point, I'll take photos, and I'll post them if they come out.

But in the meantime, is that Google Earth image cool, or what?


  1. Cool stuff, Susan! I downloaded Google Earth last night after reading your post. Haven't explored any wild or exotic places yet, but I found my parents retirement community in my home town. Next I think I'll look for the house I grew up in. :) What fun!

    Thanks! & Joy!

  2. been to google earth, enjoyed it a lot. Great post

  3. I have always liked stories where people pass through the veil of reality into a magical realm, faerie or otherwhere.

    I can't wait to hear/read what dangers await those who travel November Valley, or why those dangers await them.

  4. Anonymous1:10 PM

    oh, that is so cool, Susan - have a great, great trip!



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