Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No New Yarn Today

My faithful readers will be relieved to learn a) that Gary has graciously forgiven me for my most recent yarn-purchasing indiscretions and b) that I acquired no new yarn today, although I did knit. (And I told the third knitter here about the yarn sale, and the last time I saw her, she was heading off to check it out.)

Not only didn't I buy any yarn, but the two-hour session I moderated went well. I started with a writing exercise that was well-received; I was worried that some of the discussion after that lagged a bit, but the other people in my group said they didn't feel that way when I asked them for feedback.

Tomorrow we'll be doing a Medical Readers' Theater adaptation of Raymond Carver's story "Cathedral," and I'm one of the readers. Our rehearsal this evening went well, although everyone was tired from a day inside with no natural light. After the rehearsal, we went out for dinner to another Italian restaurant, where I once again pigged out, especially on dessert.

Tomorrow the Institute ends around noon; my flight leaves Chicago in the early evening, and with luck -- that is, if I make my Denver connection -- I'll be home by midnight.

It will be a long day. And so to bed!

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  1. Hey Susan,

    How did the reader's theatre go? I looked into it and it sounded interesting. My sister lives in NC and I'm wondering if she has attended any of those performances. Guess I'll ask.



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