Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Set of Containers

Teapot, Tempest In

The "Politics and Narrative" contretemps continues to generate surprising heat. If you're interested in following this -- and I wouldn't blame anyone who wasn't -- see comments by Duchamp et. al. here and post by Lukin, with another set of comments, here.

Timmi and I have corresponded about this privately. I'm not sure if we've succeeded in understanding one another, but if we haven't, it's not for lack of effort on either side. (Oh, and just for clarification -- since at least one person has been confused about this -- Timmi was the panel moderator, not the audience member who was so upset with me later.)

Sinuses, Emptying Out

Last night around six I suddenly began sneezing my head off, and my eyes narrowed to little itchy slits. It's the worst allergy attack I've had in a while, bad enough that I caved in and took a Claritin before bed, even though allergy meds of all sorts just harden the contents of my sinuses into concrete that's then even more difficult to shake loose later.

Because I was still itchy and sneezy this morning -- and because I slept shockingly late, almost twelve hours -- I decided not to go to the hospital today. I'll go tomorrow if I'm feeling better.

Product, Endorsement Of

Gary and I went shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday. There's a kitchen store next door, and I browsed there while he was in the checkout line. I've been needing a new travel mug, and I saw this one and decided to splurge on it. I need a mug that won't spill while I'm trying to get onto the deck without letting cats out; it's also handy to have a mug the cats can't stick their snoots into to slurp up my ice water. (As you've no doubt already been aware for some time, our cats rule our lives.)

I love the JOEmo. As advertised, it maintains beverage temperature for a long time and is very easy and convenient to open, close, and drink from. And yes, it's leakproof. I've tested it.

My only complaint is that the 14 oz-capacity of this model requires refilling too often. So last night I treated myself to an even bigger splurge and ordered the 22-oz model.

The coffee is the life. Or, as William Gibson puts in in "The Winter Market," "There was coffee. Life would go on."


  1. That's a totally neat mug, Susan. I went looking elsewhere and the one you linked us to seems to be the only site.

    Nice to know my cats aren't the only ones that like to drink out of cups and glasses without an invitation. I was horribly embarrassed the first time Hyram did that to a guest who was staying overnight. Fortunately she loved cats as much, if not more, than I do. :)


  2. Yeah, why do they like water in glasses so much more than water in cat bowls? Even if you put ice cubes in the cat bowls for them? Does it taste different somehow?

  3. I asked Hawthorne Cat, and she explained,

    1) Cats' support staff is not generally entitled to privileges the Cats lack, although staff may of course require Accommodation for their limited Smartness.

    2) Cats are entitled to gratitude from their support staff, who without Cats' supervision would barely be able to feed themselves. I swear, having Humans is like having Kittens who never grow up.

  4. I think it's part of the paw grooming thing. They get to dip their paws, just like a bath, but without getting their entire body wet. Plus, "Hey! Fresh water!" LOL



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