Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, okay, actually, I've been back since very late Wednesday night -- although my luggage didn't join me until yesterday afternoon -- but I was too busy catching up on other things to blog.

Lee, to answer your question, the Medical Readers Theater went fine, although it was the last event of the Institute, so a lot of people had left already, and those of us who were still there were pretty worn out. I enjoyed it, but I'd like to do it again when I'm feeling more awake!

I came back to pretty horrible smoke conditions in Reno from the Northern CA fires, but the air seems to be clearing a tiny bit. Gary calls Reno in the summer "the biggest little ashtray," and this week, we really fit that description.

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  1. Glad to hear that the your part in the event went well. Am I to understand that you will probably go to this event again? Or will you be doing reader's theater somewhere else?

    Sorry you have the smoke to deal with. Glad it isn't your house or neighborhood on fire. Prayers for all fires to cease and smoke to decrease ascending.



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