Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Starred Review in Library Journal!

Library Journal has given Shelter a starred review! Unfortunately, I can't cut and paste the star itself, but here's the text:
Palwick, Susan. Shelter. Tor. Jun. 2007. c.576p. ISBN 978-0-312-86602-0. pap. $15.95. SF

Meredith Walford has spent most of her life avoiding her omnipresent father, multibillionaire Preston Walford, the first human to have his personality posthumously translated into an online presence. When the threads of her life once more become entangled with those of a homeless man whose memory has been legally erased, a young woman whose caring for a damaged student cost her her freedom, and a "smart house" whose personality seems strangely familiar, Meredith finally learns to confront the monsters that have haunted her past. Set in a precarious near-future in which environmental storms make shelter even more of a necessity, where altruism is considered a mental disease and "brainwiping" a desirable cure for antisocial behavior, the latest novel by the author of Flying in Place and The Necessary Beggar tackles the problematic issue of human interconnectedness with sensitivity and insight. Palwick's characters resonate with believability and her portrayals of minds on the edge of sanity are unforgettable. Highly recommended for libraries of all sizes and for audiences outside the genre.
Thank you, Library Journal! This feels especially good after the Publisher's Weekly review, and I hope this one will wind up on the Amazon site next to that one (authors and publishers do not, alas, have the power to tell Amazon which reviews to post).

In other news, this week's Grand Rounds is up, and I'm delighted to be included. Great format this week!

Also, my new chair's supposed to be delivered today. It's getting rather late, even for UPS, but if I don't get it today, I should definitely get it tomorrow.

But wait -- the doorball rang just as I typed that last sentence! The chair has arrived! Woo-hoo!

Starred review + new chair = very good day.


  1. that is a good day! you deserve it, and just as soon as i can, i'm getting one of those chairs...as of now, i do my writing in a patio chair. it's safe to say, i'm moderately jealous. ergonomics abound!

  2. Wonderful review Susan! Congratulations! Makes me wonder if this book will win an award from the ALA too. (crossing fingers) Thank you for posting the link to where you got this review. As a teacher and avid reader I'm interested in what else the Libraries are recommending.


  3. Thank you both! Tom: when I was your age (don't you hate it when people say that?), I could write in a patio chair, too. My bones and joints are a lot older than yours!


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