Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More on the New Home Office Setup

Lee asked in an e-mail how the home office project is going. (The work-office move hasn't started yet.) Here's a photo of the new computer cart, all nicely loaded up. Gary thinks this looks like Darth Vader's PC, and calls the photo "Ergo Scary," but it's certainly skiffy looking -- and comfortable!

Speaking of the workstation: I'm still stumped on the book, but I did get some work done on one of my fall syllabi this morning.

Having the terminal off the main desk gives the cats even more room to cavort. Yesterday, I left a half-finished glass of water there, only to find the cats drinking it. Why do cats love human water so much? They have their own water, but noooooo: they have to drink ours. Of course, my study's upstairs, and I can see them thinking, "Oh, look, they're giving us water up here so we don't have to go down to the kitchen!" But that doesn't explain why, if there's a fresh bowl of water on the kitchen floor and two water glasses on the dinner table, a few yards away, the cats will pick the water glasses every time.

Figaro has followed Bali's bad example on this habit. Both of them are especially smitten with ice cubes, although given the choice between fresh cat water with cubes or lukewarm human water without, they'll still opt for the latter. It must be a status thing.

As you can see, they'll stick their heads all the way into the glass to get at a bit of water. We keep expecting one of them to get a water glass jammed on his head and to start running around the house with it.

Here's a close-up of Figgy. I wanted to get one from the front, but he wandered away before I could. You can see in the previous photo what a long, lithe animal he is. His head looks slightly foxish, I think. Bali's much more ursine, and goes by the nickname Little Bear.

Harley, for some reason, elected not to drink from this water glass; he's not as settled in the habit as the other two are, anyway. Plus, his head's bigger, so I'm not sure he could fit his snoot in there with such a low water level.

Bali's other dietary peculiarity is that he adores carrots, and demands tribute of carrot peelings when Gary's fixing the carrot sticks he puts in my lunch every day. Bali also likes yams. We had a cat when I was growing up who liked string beans and spinach, but I haven't heard of cats eating carrots.

Or maybe he just likes the color orange. Remember Fledgling, the mask I made last summer? It's been living on top of a bookcase for almost a year, and Bali hasn't bothered it, although he climbs up there all the time. But now that the mask's hanging on the wall next to my desk, he won't leave it alone.

Of course, the mask has always included orange, so that can't be the reason for his sudden interest. I suspect the real culprit is the fact that the mask's hanging from a pipe cleaner. Bali adores pipe cleaners: Gary twists them into toy mice for him, and Bali carries them around with him, often dropping them into bed with us. So I suspect he's really thinking, "There's a toy mouse behind that plaster thing, and I have to flush it out of hiding!"


  1. LOL! Lovely cat antics, Susan. Hyram, having been scared off of drinking out of containers he has to put his head into, dips his paw into the container. then shakes off excess, and licks it clean. Weird cat antics! And considering where that paw has been, "Eew!"

    You may be right about the pipe cleaner behind the mask thing, but it could be that his favorite color is now hanging playfully instead of just lying there dead. Hyram loves hot pink and will go after feathers of that color over any other.

  2. The office looks great, but the cat pics stole this post. We have had our cat walk around with his head in a glass (well, a plastic cup), but now that he's a bit older, he doesn't get himself into such pickles.

    ps- I just got an e-mail that Shelter shipped to me today. had told me that I'd have to wait until Aug. or Sept, so I'm super thrilled. Maybe I'll have it in time for long-weekend reading...

  3. Your pictures are too funny!

    Didn't know that cats preferred glasses of water. One would think that squishing their faces in to drink would be uncomfortable...

    Guess not.

  4. Lee: Yep, our cats like to do paw dips too.

    TG: Thank you for ordering Shelter. I hope you enjoy it!

    WV: Cats like being squished into small spaces. They love boxes, crawling into wastebaskets, wedging themselves between the printer and the wall, and so forth. Maybe it's like bundling for babies: makes them feel like they're back in the womb?


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