Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer Solstice!

I hope everyone has a wonderful longest day of the year. I always associate this day with John Crowley's beautiful book Little, Big, although yesterday I finished reading Pstricia McKillip's Solstice Wood (also beautiful, and a fellow Mythopoeic finalist), and that's fitting, too.

Every summer solstice, I'm sad that the days will now start getting shorter again. It seems ironic that summer officially begins on the day after which the sun will begin to diminish.

Today is also the tenth anniversary of Gary's arrival in Reno, so it's a particularly special day for me.

May all our sunlit hours be blessed!


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    It isn't how many sunlit hours you have, it's what you do with them and today I have done b****r all due to some infection that makes typing even this seem like a marathon.

    A happy and peace filled solstice to everyone, especially those whose ordinary days aren't.


  2. McKillip has long been one of my favorite authors.

  3. Martyn: I hope you feel better!

    Martin: I haven't read much of her work, but what I've read, I've liked.

  4. Happy back at you! I just finished an evening bike ride. Ricky dog is outside, chewing on a rawhide; he usually doesn't take them outside but on this fabulous evening, he insisted@

  5. That's funny -- I feel just the opposite. I'm a winter person, not a summer person. I welcome the thought of shortening days and lengthening nights and have the same reaction to the winter solstice as you do to the summer.

    SOLSTICE WOOD is an excellent book. I just picked up the paperback edition at the bookstore today. (I'd read a library copy in hard cover.)

  6. I have to say I'm partial to Summer. With lil kid in tow, our Summer reading includes "Fireflies in the Night" and "Dear Rebecca, Winter is Here" by Jeanne Craighead George. (I can't remember who wrote the firefly book)

    I do love winter Solstice too, but for reasons that are more symbolic. Happy Summer!


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