Sunday, June 10, 2007

Doug Henry Update

Yesterday, the police told Beth that they've found Doug's car; it's a half-day's drive from Reno, sixteen miles down a rough dirt road in a remote wilderness recreation area. They won't tell her exactly where, because a) they don't want everybody going out there and b) she's now a suspect. The police are now treating this as a crime.

The car had its VIN plate and tags removed. Inside, it was spotless: no paper, no mess, nothing. According to Beth, this is completely unlike Doug, who's always kept a very messy car. But there was nothing in the glove box, nothing in the trunk.

The robbery-and-homicide detective assigned to the case told Beth that the three possibilities are: 1) it was a robbery and Doug walked away, 2) homicide or 3) suicide. But the detective also said that this doesn't fit any profile and that nothing makes sense. It's the strangest case he's seen in fifteen years. If Doug killed himself, why remove the car's tags? If he just walked away, why didn't he walk back? If it's a murder, why leave the car out in the open where it will be found?

Beth says she now has more questions than she did before. She said that she's mentally buried and resurrected Doug a hundred times in the past week. In the meantime, she's had police searching the house, seizing her and Doug's computers, going through bank and phone records. She's happy about all this, because it means they're doing a thorough job, but it seems to me that it would still be horrible to have strangers combing your life like that.

The car's been transported back to Reno, and CSI will start processing it this week. That could take up to three weeks.

Because Beth has no computer now, she doesn't have e-mail access. Various people at church offered her the use of their computers, and everyone's praying for her. She says that she cries more at church than at home; at home, she's mostly numb.

She's given me permission to post about this. Please keep her, and everyone who loves Doug, in your prayers.


  1. What about kidnapping???

    Why isn't that being considered? Can I ask what type of work he does? Any possibility of have an enemy out there? Can your friend stay with friends? Is she possibly in danger?

    So sad all around....

  2. I have to assume that the police are looking into all possibilities. Doug drives a propane truck; I don't see why that line of work would be inclined to make people angry at you. But who knows? The whole thing is completely inexplicable.

  3. I don't assume anything with police and law enforcement - they can be just as corrupt as the bad guys - and sometimes worse.

    How horrible - my heart goes out to her.

  4. This is awful, Susan. Beth, Doug and all their friends are in my prayers. The police too that they solve this quickly.


  5. Anonymous7:12 AM

    my immediate, not particularly eloquent response:

    oh, shit!

    my second, more considered response:

    of course I will pray for Beth, and for Doug, and for you, and for your and their friends, and for their family,

    love and courage to all of you,


  6. Lord, this was not a surprise to you. Do Your best for these people, including the victims (?), CSI and other law enforcement people, and the perpetrators (?), and help them to let you do Your best for them.

  7. Oh, my, how hideous. I pray for divine inspiration for law enforcement and strength and courage for this family.

  8. Anonymous2:31 AM

    too many strange things about Dougs disapearance, also Doug lives one block away from where that unr girl disapeared . I also think there psychotic collage student neighbor killed him .He is sick and killed one of there cats doug was having problems with him . makes me wonder if maybe Doug caught the neighbor putting out cat traps again or something ... it just sucks when people you care about are missing and the rest of us have no clue .. so many questions yet so little answers and unless your female young and pretty the news and the police dont do a dam thing , also the location where the car was found a place called boundry peak nevada , all i can do is pray but i wish i could do more for beth because she still cries anytime you talk about him . I still honestly believe the neighbor killed him and killed and raped the unr student .


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