Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sonnet Cycle Draft Completed!

All forty-five ED sonnets have now been drafted and approved by Gary. The next steps:

1. Put 'em in order, print 'em all out, reread for continuity and other stuff that needs fixing, like too many repeating rhymes.

2. Show them to my poet friend Ann, if she's still willing to read them.

3. Show them to the HIPAA-compliance officer at the hospital.

4. If they've passed all previous steps, try to get them published. (This is where we all start laughing very hard.)

The project took me longer than I expected -- I started it December 16, and here we are almost six months later -- but hey, at least the first stage is done.

And in other medical writing news, this week's Grand Rounds is up. I was not, alas, organized enough to submit something this week, but as always, I look forward to reading the edition.

And in other carnival news, please remember that the Carnival of Hope deadline is two days from now: Thursday at 5 PM PDT!


  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Congratulations on the whole draft of the ED sonnets!

    Far from seeming slow, forty-five sonnets in six months sounds incredibly quick to me.

    Looking forward to reading the complete set after the laughter subsides and some smart publisher puts them out,


  2. And then we lobby Garrison Keillor really really really hard to get them read on "A Writer's Almanac."


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