Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Edna, Meet Vera

Yes, here's the chair, again. Note the exoskeleton -- Gary's term for it -- visible through the mesh. Those pieces are either silver metal or black plastic, which really makes the chair look like something designed by H.R. Giger, who designed the sets and critters for Alien. Which is fitting, since when I sit in my new chair, I feel a little like Ripley when she puts on that robotic exoskeleton thing in the second movie and goes after the Bad Mama Monster.

This may have some interesting effects on my writing.

Here's another view, which gives you an even better look at the exoskeleton. The chair also resembles something that might be used by a particularly sinister dentist. But it's incredibly comfortable, and I have no intention of using it for malevolent dental purposes.

The chair is fabulous, worth every penny I paid for it. Very comfortable, very adjustable, very easy to work in.

Really important objects around here get names. Our current car, for instance, is Fiona Ford; our previous car was Holly Honda. Gary refers to the big-screen TV as the Omega 13, an affectionate reference to GalaxyQuest. My computer is Vera VAIO. And the chair is now Edna Ergohuman.

We pondered a few "e" names over dinner last night. Edna may sound too much like Vera, since they both have two syllables and end with an "a", but for various reasons, we didn't want to use the more common women's names starting with "e", like Ellen (we know at least five human Ellens, who might not be amused to have an office chair named after them) or Eleanor (the name of a relative). I'm not very fond of the name Eunice, and Elspeth has definite fantasy connotations. This is definitely a science-fiction chair. So Edna she is.

So far, Edna and Vera are getting along fine. If either of them is distressed about the similar names, they haven't said anything to me. Of course, it may be good that both names have two syllables, because that way they can't argue about whose name is more or less important. You know: kind of like giving kids very similar gifts, so they won't fight over them.

Oh, and to get your very own Ergohuman chair, go here. This company has the best prices I found online. I linked to the site in my first post about the chair, but I sent a link to this post to Greg from BTOD, for his amusement, and he asked if I'd link to the company here, too. So there you go, Greg!


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Thought Edna might like to know that her cousins Celle, Mirra, and Aeron all live here in Paris at La Boutique du Dos. She can visit them on-line at


  2. I'm glad you have a comfy chair, with all of the hard work you put into the books and blog, I think you definitely deserve it. I've been horrible at commenting, which I'm really sorry about. I'm still following you... Which probably sounds horribly evil, but isn't intended to.

    Okay, now for the question, is this chair completely made out of mesh? I'm not totally understanding what makes it comfortable...

  3. Jean: I'm glad you got to Paris safely!

    Nickie: The seat, back and headrest are all mesh. Other parts are metal or plastic. The chair's so comfortable because it's very well designed and also very adjustable. It has a lumbar support and a headrest, which you don't find on all office furniture. And the mesh -- a very fine-weave mesh -- is both flexible and supportive, so it molds to your body while still keeping your body in a comfortable and healthy position.


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