Friday, June 08, 2007

Carnival of Hope: Volume 1, Number 10

Welcome to the June Carnival of Hope! The next edition will be posted on July 13 (another Friday the 13th!). The submission deadline is Thursday, July 12 at 5:00 PM PDT. You can either e-mail submissions directly to me (SusanPal at aol dot com) or use the BlogCarnival submission form.

This month's posts offer a strong and rather startling theme of loss and grief, especially around parent-child relationships. I dedicate this edition to anyone who is grieving, and particularly to anyone who has lost a child, parent, or partner. I hope these posts will offer you the recognition of shared experience, and bring you at least the hope of comfort.

My old friend JB, in her post Heaven With Alik, tells a wonderful story about witnessing a special celebration between a grandmother and granddaughter. This is also a post about the power of love to help us heal after great grief: in this case, grief from the loss of a longtime spouse.

Jenny's poignant post 10 Days describes her process of healing from the terrible pain of losing a child. Jenny, may you find continued strength and peace!

Anna, even as she rejoices in her own beloved daughter, reflects on how to respond to the tragic death of four teenagers in In Memory Of Life.

Last month, Ishtar told us about her mother's cancer, and wrote of how her faith is helping her face this ordeal. This month, she gives us an update on her mother's situation and offers more thoughts on faith and love. "Love comes at a price, but that price is worth it." I especially enjoyed the photograph of her, as a little girl, with her clearly adoring mother.

And speaking of updates from last month's carnival, Kate and her readers have helped make things a little easier for mothers (and other women) in Afghanistan. She writes: "From Mothering Sunday in the UK to Mothers Day in the US and Canada, Babylune held a charity campaign in which blog readers voted for the charity they wanted to receive a donation. This post outlines the choices they made."

While literal life-and-death situations naturally get everyone's adrenaline pumping, events can be traumatic even when they don't threaten our bodily survival. Most of us have a deep-seated fear of rejection, no doubt stemming from the fact that when we were children, rejection by adult caretakers would have placed us in grave danger. As she discusses how important it is for parents not to threaten children with abandonment, even in jest, Rory Sulivan shares a story about comforting her daughter.

Sometimes, though, parents have to let go of the desire to shield their children from every possible pain. Lori Radun learns to Find Peace in Letting Go as she watches her son sitting out baseball games on the bench.

Parental love is often our model for the greatest gift of self. But lest you think that only humans are capable of such comfort and lovingkindness, Dianne M. Buxton shares a story about an animal shelter whose intake counselor is a compassionate cow named Buddha. Happy birthday, Buddha!

Buddha isn't the only one celebrating. Jack Yoest tells us about the anniversary of the two things he loves most: his wife, and his car. Let's hear it for long-lived relationships!

Many of us have had the experience of finding our soulmate only after we gave up looking. I'm in that category, and so is Karen Lynch. In her post Manifesting Life, Karen muses on how sometimes, when we stop trying to manipulate or control events to get what we want, the thing we've been seeking almost magically materializes.

And, finally, I share a story about an improbably magical day in San Francisco in Three Wishes.

That's it for this month. See you in July!


  1. Thank you for hosting this carnival. It was a very interesting and surprisingly heart-warming selection - but, of course it would be given the theme.

    It takes a lot of work to put a carnival together, and with such thoughtful comments, too. Thank you, again

  2. Karen Lynch9:36 PM

    Thanks for including my post! I didn't realize the theme so I really appreciate it! It looks like a great carnival! I will link back shortly!

  3. Thanks for a great carnival! I've linked back at Babylune and wanted to let you know that starting Monday, I'm running a group writing project and I would be honoured if you'd consider participating. The details will be up on the site tomorrow.


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