Monday, June 25, 2007

My Brain Hurts

So last night I lit a candle -- part of my writing ritual when I'm feeling really stumped -- and sat down to start the major surgery on Chapter 2.

And what do you know: I indeed had a flash of inspiration that answered a nagging plot problem about the novel.

In answering one huge question, though, the solution raises five others. I now have to solve a complicated geneological riddle and a convoluted time-travel paradox. Gahhhhhh.

Note to self: When you tell people that you're never going to write something that requires historical research or six-generation family trees, keep your word!

Or, rather, never claim that you'll never write a certain kind of book . . . because if you do, that's exactly the book you'll wind up writing.


  1. If you need help with the historical research give me a holler. There are advantages to being a history geek, namely I either know it already or can find it very easily.

  2. Hi Susan! Love the candle idea. Maybe I should incorporate it into my routines.

    Never having had the challenges of writing anything more complicated than a very short scenario I've no idea how such things as you described can happen. I do know, however, that some people really do follow every trick and turn in a book or movie to see what they can catch. So you have my sympathies about this current situation but, I know you will solve it somehow and the results will be excellent as usual.

    And, I ordered Shelter and B&N says it's scheduled for shipment. Yay!

    Peace & Hope!

  3. Thanks, Arthur; I'll keep you in mind!

    And thanks for the faith, Lee! And yes, I recommend candles, especially if you have one with special associations (I bought the one I'm currently using during my Berkeley course last year).


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