Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Major Investments

Gary just got a new computer; his old one was old and verrrrrry slow, and he's much happier now. I'll be inheriting his old flat-screen monitor (he now has a widescreen one) so I won't have to hunch over and peer at the tiny screen of my tiny VAIO. I love my VAIO for travel purposes, but having a bigger screen will be a major blessing to my aging eyes.

We're also in the middle of having our downstairs bathroom floor tiled (after a small flood warped the parquet the previous owner had installed). It's going to look gorgeous, but it's not cheap.

And then, today, I decided I needed a new office chair for my study. We go through chairs at a fair clip, and some that used to be great for me just don't give me enough back and head support anymore. So we went to Office Depot, as we have so often in the past, thinking we'd find something workable for $150 or so.

And then I sat in the Ergohuman high-back mesh chair, and fell in love. I could have fallen asleep in it, it was so comfortable.

But it cost $599. Ha ha. Yeah, right. Let's go sit in the next best chair, for a mere $179.

But the next-best chair couldn't come close. I kept returning to the Ergohuman. "That's the one you want, isn'it it?" Gary asked me. I allowed as how it was, but also allowed as how I couldn't stomach spending $599 for a chair.

So we came home, where I did a bunch of research, read a bunch of rave reviews about the chair -- some of which pointed out that it's actually much less expensive than other high-end office chairs -- did some internet comparison shopping, and bought one for $485 (no tax or shipping).

Okay. I'm a writer: I spend a lot of time sitting down, and my joints and spine, along with my eyes, aren't getting any younger. I've endured the agony of back spasms just often enough to know that I want to do everything possible to avoid them in the future. I need a really good chair, right?

But it's so expensive.

But I'm a grownup now, and I can get an expensive chair if I want to (and at the moment, we can afford it).

But the cats may shred the mesh!

But no other chair in the store came close to it for comfort. The other chair I was looking at was rated for three to five hours a day of comfortable, ergonomic seating; the reviews I've read of the Ergohuman talk about people spending upwards of twelve hours a day in it, without any back pain.

But it's so expensive!

Gary said, "Well, now you won't be able to use your chair as an excuse for not writing." (Heh! Does he know how my mind works, or what?)

Plus, it's very skiffy looking.

Gahhhh! Did I mention that we need a new roof in the fall? But we have money put aside for that, too.

Just color me yuppie -- or muppie, for Middle-aged Urban Professional.

In other news, the sonnet cycle is now finished and edited. Gary loves it, and I've learned from years of experience that editors tend to agree with Gary. (If he says a story will sell, it sells; if he says it won't, it doesn't, no matter how much I like it.) Later this week, I'll be delivering the sonnets to my friend Ann, who'll be able to take a look at them next week. After that, we begin the dreaded HIPAA gauntlet at the hospital.

All of which will be less stressful when I'm sitting in my new chair. Right?


  1. Susan, that's one awesome chair! It's not just practical for your work, it's a healthy dose of self love. You deserve it! Congratulations!


  2. Anonymous2:04 PM

    It isn't self love, it is self preservation. Mens sana in corpore sano. I'm only jealous, although my home chair is actually quite comfortable - if only Melissa wouldn't keep adjusting it to her long lady preferences rather than my tired old man needs...


  3. Do what I did... divide the price of the Ergohuman into how many years you'll be using it. It's a great way not to feel bad about having spent so much money. Plus, as writer's tools go (and it is that), it'll last longer than any of the others, cept your brain, hopefully.

    I love mine!


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