Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What the hay?

So what's up with TTLB? A few days ago, I was happily bopping along as a Crawly Amphibian. Then, overnight, I discovered that I'd been bumped down all the way to Multicellular Microorganism, although my traffic had stayed about the same and although people still seem to be linking to me.

And now I'm an Insignificant Microbe? What gives here?

Hmmmph! I'll insignificant microbe you!

Ah, well. This is when Christianity's a great comfort. The last shall be first. Microbes for world domination!

Actually, microbes already sort of dominate the world, don't they?


  1. Hey Susan,

    That sounds stinky. Out of curiosity I went to their website, searched for your blog, and checked the details. Your visits are going up, but for some reason you have had drastic drop in "inbound links" whatever those are. I wonder how much the links weigh in their statistics for status? Whatever the cause I hope it changes soon and for the better.


  2. I'm definitely with you on this one. What gives with these stat sites?

  3. Looks like you're back! Yay!!!

    Did you figure out the problem?


  4. Fewer of us are linking to you; needs to be fixed.

    Didn't microbes come FIRST in the chain? The beat-itudes (as Ric Ocasek pronounced it) may not be so cheering.

  5. Maybe it's some sort of inflation.


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